Career Highlights

I've started my career straight after the army and had to learn most of the tools and methods by myself and from experience on the go. However, i strive to learn things in full extent and in an orderly manner so along the way i've purchased the relevant education i needed.

UI/UX Designer at Tradency Forex Trading Platform
2014 Graduated
Top Class Visual Design Ort
Freelance UI/UX & Photography
UX Specialist at eTeacher Online Language Academy

My Skills & Expertise

I’m a tech savvy, love technology, not afraid to open my phone and replace damaged parts whenever i have to or replace the OS and add customizations to improve the experience.
A very fast learner, an autodidact even, i like to try new software and new technics, trying to improve productivity and improve my work flow.
I try to keep myself up to date by going to meetups, open or paid courses and using stuff like Muzli Chrome Extention or YouTube & Email subscriptions to Design and UX channels and blogs.


  • Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Analytics


  • Creativity
  • Visual Design
  • Mockups
  • Animation
  • HTML & CSS3

I'm Extremely Versatile

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For more information about me and my career you can download my CV

If you need it in Word format and or in Hebrew, send me an email and i'd happy to send it

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